Happy Friday!

What would you be doing right at this moment if you could?  I tell you what I would be doing…I would be walking along the edge of the ocean , sinking my bare feet into the sand, while enjoying  the cool water flowing over my feet! This is my very favourite thing to do.  I absolutely love the feel of the earth beneath my feet, especially at the ocean.  There is something almost magical in the connection of my feet and the earth below me.  The other morning while sitting on my porch, with my coffee in hand and my bare feet dangling, I thought to myself;  gosh I love to be barefoot.  I  began to notice the relaxed state of my mind, body and spirit as I sat there unencumbered by shoes. Why is this such a freeing experience for me?


We all know that shoes were invented thousands of years ago.  Yet many people still prefer to do numerous activities barefoot.  Well the truth of the matter is, being barefoot can be good for you.  For one thing, walking barefoot utilizes muscles and tendons in your feet and calves that are not used when “stuffed” inside shoes. One has greater flexibility when barefoot. Kenyan athletes always run barefoot and have produced some of the best marathoner in the world.  Scientists have done studies on athletes training barefoot. Their evidence  has shown that training without shoes causes fewer injuries and also runners are able to run faster and further. Motion studies demonstrate that when running barefoot, one naturally lands on the forefoot, directly below the center of gravity. This results in optimum balance, increased stability, less impact, and greater propulsion. Going barefoot also strengthens your posture because one is not walking awkwardly in a shoe that isn’t designed to be walked in, for example high heels.
The human foot has 24 bones, working together in a complex structure designed to lessen  impact , combined with muscles tendons and ligaments that store energy during the footstep and release it at the end. Scientists have also proven that there is less knee injuries and leg maladies in cultures that are predominately barefoot. Reflexologists believe that there is an area in each of our feet designed to bring health to the rest of the body.reflexology_foot

I have not been trained in the science of reflexology , but I do know that when I have my feet rubbed it is the most relaxing feeling ever.  I also sleep much better after a foot massage!

Without trying to sound out of my mind, I also suggest that there is a connection made between someone barefoot and the world around them.  Society today has become somewhat of a concrete jungle.  Everyday we are forced into our shoes, into our cars and into our cubicles to spend our day.  Shedding our shoes is a small way that we can reconnect to the simplicity of life.  It is like living  life without boundaries, so to speak.  When is the last time that your feet have relished in the feel of grass, damp with dew, underneath them? The sensations of different kinds of ground on the bottom of your feet are amazing.  Experiment with the textures that our Earth has to share with us.

Well on that note….think I will go sit on my porch and enjoy some Iced Tea…

BAREFOOT of course!

happy weekend!