Our Words are like Toothpaste

Sometimes having a visual to teach a lesson is very effective.  One day,when my children were younger, I shared with them a” Life Lesson” about the usage of words.  I had them gather around the table and gave each one of them an unopened tube of toothpaste and a blank sheet of paper.  I asked them to open up the toothpaste and squirt it all out onto the paper.  They had so much fun doing this.  I mean seriously when is a kid ever told they can play with the toothpaste! Of course during this time they were constantly asking questions as to why they were doing this.  I told them they would soon find out.
After they had successfully emptied their tubes of toothpaste, I told them to put all the toothpaste back into the tube!  They laughed and said, “Mom, that’s not possible!” That is the exact concept I wanted them to understand.  What an open moment to teach a valuable lesson.  I explained to them that our WORDS are just like the toothpaste, once they come out of your mouth you can never get them back!  It is so important to think before you spurt out words that you may later regret. So often we speak before we think.  It is easier to react with out taking the time to pause and reflect on the power of our words.  Today I encourage you to always be mindful of your words.  Before you react or respond to others listen to what you are saying.  Take the time to formulate a wise answer.  Use your words to lift up, to build up and to encourage those around you!

This little experience with the toothpaste has remained with my family throughout the years.  We still say, Remember the toothpaste!