Super Charged Monday…yes I know it’s raining!

Good Monday Morning to you all!

The weather is dismal, however we DO need the rain.  My husband and I went canoeing  the Grand River yesterday *20 kilometers!!  I say that, to say, we NEED rain.  There were parts of the river that are flowing quite shallow.  So it’s evident that we need the rain!


I have this really amazing bush in my front yard that whenever it rains, it holds the raindrops so perfectly on its leaves.  This always cheers me up on a rainy day because I can look at it.  Every time I see fresh raindrops on the leaves, I am grateful for the rain!


Question of the morning … are you beginning your week super-charged?  Many of you will read this and think, “yeah, right!” Trust me, I know that feeling as well.  For my Monday Motivation today I want to challenge you to re-train your thinking!  It’s true, how we begin our day affects our whole day.  Taking that into consideration, it follows to say that how we begin our WEEK can affect our whole week.  First of all, life is too short to go messing up a whole week! Secondly, it does wonders for you to start your week on a positive footing.  This is the reason that I have committed to always writing on Mondays!  I believe strongly  in starting off on the right foot.  Instead of dreading Monday’s you can actually begin to look forward to the prospects of a bright new week ahead.

Sometimes you never know what a week has in store for you. Several weeks ago, I was going about my business, writing, blogging, researching things and spending time using Social Networks to promote my new business.  Out of the blue, I was invited to attend a webinar, hosted by Jack Canfield, on becoming “unstoppable.”  This fit into my schedule and I was happy for the opportunity to listen to the co-author of “Chicken Soup For the Soul” series, and extremely famous, Jack Canfield. This man is number one in the Coaching World. He is highly influential and very knowledgeable.  I also was interested in seeing the “how’s” of webinars, as I plan to incorporate this into my own business. All in all, I felt this was a win-win situation for me. I could be encouraged and motivated by watching this event and I could glean some insight of webinars.  I spent an hour and a half listening to him speak on the subject of Becoming Unstoppable. He was amazing!  I was so encouraged and empowered after hearing him.  My motivation level was lifted and I was soaring.  After the webinar, I went back to writing an article that I was working on.  About a hourish later, my phone rang.  When I answered they asked to speak to me. The woman then said, “I am Jack Canfield’s assistant and he asked that I call everyone from today’s webinar.” (yes, my head was swimming, trying to take in the fact that Jack Canfield asked her to call me..) She asked me how I enjoyed the session and then she went on to say that Jack was scouting for some people for a program that he could mentor and teach.  She felt that I would be a good candidate. She scheduled an interview for the next evening for both my husband and I to attend via phone conference.  I hung up the phone and felt like I was dreaming!  How could all of this be taking place in my life?  I know that I have been pursuing different arenas to assist in my business building. But seriously, I never dreamed of an opportunity to be trained and mentored by someone of this caliber.  Well you can imagine that my husband and I did our homework to prepare for the next nights interview session!  We were excited and nervous. The next night we interviewed for over an hour. Before the phone call ended, I was accepted to be in Jack Canfield’s Mastermind Coaching Program!  This was unbelievable news  What a turn of events in my life!  This will empower me to be an incredible coach and open doors in so many areas. I am humbled and extremely grateful.

I share this news with you for the reason that first of all, I am extremely happy, excited, amazed, honored, thrilled, out of my mind with joy over this opportunity. Secondly, I share this news with  you for the reason that you never know what is coming up next on your path. As you begin to write out your goals and focus on what you really want in life, it is amazing what doors open up in front of you. If you had told me a month ago that I would be mentored by Jack Canfield, I most likely would have chuckled at the prospect of that. Yet, in two hours from now I will be sitting in my second session! Already the principles that he has instilled into my thinking has propelled me to a deeper level.  I can only imagine who I will become after an entire year under his tutelage!


(Me, while canoeing the Grand River)

Begin this week by being super charged! Don’t drag through week after week without a vision for you life. Live your purpose! If you don’t know what your life purpose is, discover it! I would love to hear from some of you on what’s going on in your life. Feel free to send me comments! I love the interaction. Always, remember if there is any way I can assist you, feel free to email me at:

Love and empowerment ,



Bald for Brenda

Hello everyone, I was thinking, hmmmm, what should I post?  What can I share?  What’s running through my mind?  Well to be brutally honest I have so much running through my mind currently.  I have just started Top’s Spot Life Coaching.  Learning  how to build websites, social network, get my writings published, set up speaking engagements, learn to webinar and of course scouting for clients to Coach and so much more has kept my mind flowing for the past 4 months.  I have loved every minute of it yet I think my mind is totally on “overload.”  I go to bed at night but there is this switch on the side of my head that as soon as it touches the pillow,  generates a million more thoughts.  Ideas, concepts, writings, people, places, and every other imaginable thing .  So while I was contemplating what to write, I asked myself, “what experiences have you had that were meaningful or taught you a lesson; share one of those!  Which brings me to this post

.  Have you ever stopped to think about your hair?  I mean really thought about it!  Have you thought about how your hair makes you feel,?  Your hair is a characteristic that people know you by. Hair can be like your own “branding” to the world.  I know sometimes if I am feeling lousy and just seem in a funk, if I go get my haircut and styled, I come out of that salon like a brand new ME.  And we have all experienced seeing the man that is balding trying desperately to cover that bald spot.

Why?  Because quite frankly, we are attached to our hair!  I never really thought much about it until I shaved my head bald.  What I learned through the xperience of shaving my head has literally changed my perspective on life. Brenda and I are cousins, but we actually felt more like sisters.  We grew up together, went to school together, got married around the same time, had our children close together.  I can barely think of my younger days without her being a part of it.  Well Brenda got cancer.  ( I know you probably were already reaching that conclusion)   Brenda had gorgeous hair!  She loved her long curly locks.  Most people hate when they have curly hair, but not Brenda, she rocked that hair!


To go through a terminal illness with someone that you love is one of the most difficult things.  At first I struggled with my interactions with her.  Every time we spoke or were together, Cancer, was the pink elephant in the room.  ALL I could think about was her cancer.  I started not knowing what to say.  It felt mean to discuss future plans and events knowing she wouldn’t be here to see them.  Yet it wasn’t right not talking about regular life.  There would be intervals of silence on the phone while I would come up with something to say.  It took me awhile to just be natural.  You feel  the pain and the struggle all the while feeling so helpless.  Brenda was a remarkable person.  She never lost her sense of humor.  She was dying of cancer and joined Weight Watchers!  This was so funny.  She said, ” I think I am the only person in the world who is dying and I am on Weight Watchers!” Her strength and joy lasted up till her last hours with us.

The time came when she started losing her hair.  She called me up and said,” I am just going to shave it off…it will look better than chunks missing.”  I heard the bravado in her voice but sensed the great sorrow in her statement.  I couldn’t do anything for her.  She was in pain and suffering and I was not able to do a thing to help her.  So I decided to do the only thing I could.  I would shave my head bald and relate to her that way.  I live in Canada now and she was living in the US.  So I did some video/ pictures of my journey of Bald for Brenda!  I posted them and sent them to her.  Brenda was deeply moved by my gesture to identify with her.  We discussed it quite often.

6332_264923310610_3218104_n        Me, before shaving my head.

6332_264923330610_1419002_n 6332_264924695610_8195081_n 6332_264923345610_1667300_n 6332_264923360610_7062653_n

The shaving process!

My family stood behind my decision and helped shave my head. They seemed pretty shocked at first but got on board as soon as they saw I was serious.  Everyone got into the process.

I did this to identify with Brenda, to share in her time of hardship yet what it did for me was incredible!  I don’t know how to put into words the transformation that occurred within me.  This was the most liberating experience I have ever had.  Suddenly I no longer had an “image” to hide behind.  I had no hair.  My true self had to be the beauty that became visible.

Going out in public with a bald head changes the way people react to you.  Silently, they question what”s wrong with you.  People view you differently.  I started to understand the depths of what others go through that have visible physical ailments.  I learned about prejudices in a fresh way.  The countless lessons I learned from this will go on with me throughout the remainder of my life.  Brenda and I would phone and talk about all these things.  It deepened our already strong bonds.  She told me how greatly affected she was by my gesture of going bald with her.  My only reply was that I could not do anything to help her or to take the pain away, however I could at least identify with some of what she was facing.

My husband and I had a big fancy wedding coming up and I was bald. I went out and got a wig for this event.  I dressed up and put that wig on and went to the church.  I felt extremely uncomfortable in this wig.  It was like I was playing some role in a stage play.  My friends didn’t even recognize me at first glance.  Between the wedding and the reception, I went home and changed and took that wig off. I went to this elegant reception totally bald.    I walked into that fancy place without anything to hide behind.  For the first time in my life I realized I was comfortable in my own skin.  I didn’t have to look a certain way, feel a certain way or dress a certain way, to be who I am. I had so much pleasure that evening at the wedding.  I later found out people had been asking about the bald lady “living it up” on the dance floor.  As the story spread, people were refreshed in my ability to be free.

The next “big” event I had was an interview for a job that I really wanted.  It took me almost 9 months to pin down this interview.  Once again, I was almost bald.  I did not allow this to intimidate me at all.  I knew that if I was my true authentic self I would give them every reason to hire me.  That was one of the best interviews I have ever had.  I can’t explain why, other than the fact that I was ME.  I didn’t have anything to camouflage.  I didn’t have a “social image” I was trying to attain.  I was, simply, me. and a very strong and vivacious me at that!  I got the job that I had wanted for so long.  It was exhilarating!

Originally, I did this for Brenda…but in turn it ended up being the best thing I ever could have done for myself.  I left my comfort zone.  I no longer needed to look, act or think like everyone else.  I discovered the strength of who I am.  I am not advocating that you all go out and shave your head bald; all I know is that it was a life changing event for me.  I miss Brenda daily, but she lives on in the things I do each day. She taught me so much about life and what really matters during her illness.  She motivated me to continue to step out of my comfort zone and to pursue the life that I wanted.  She made me promise that I would allow my life make a difference in this world.  I promised her that I would and each day that I live, I aim to make a difference in the circle of influence that I have.

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See the Potential

Good morning everyone….another Monday.  At least this week it isn’t raining where I am.  But it’s still Monday and time for our Monday Motivational!

Have you ever watched the program “Flip This House?” I have watched that show while  thinking to myself, what do they see in that house?  That is the beauty of the show though.  The person who buys the house SEES the potential.  They are able to look beyond the current condition of the house and see real beauty that exists within it.  Once they have a vision of what they see the house as becoming, they begin the arduous task of flipping it.  Despite obstacles or anything that comes against them during the renovation, they are able to see in their mind the finished project.  They work tirelessly until they reach their goal.

My story begins with the fact that I have this tiny backyard.  When we bought the house a couple of years ago there was  rolled out sods of grass  in the backyard.  In attempt to sell the property the previous owner laid the sod making it look presentable.  The problem is the sod never took. So last year we pulled up the  dried dead sod because we wanted to redo the backyard.  Unfortunately for one reason or another that project never got done last summer.  So this year I had a backyard  full of dirt and weeds.  Quite disgusting really.  In my mind though I could see a cute space that would be relaxing and enjoyable.

I had a “deadline” in mind because I knew my sister and her husband were coming to visit us this summer and this yard had to look good!  There was no way I was having them visit and see my disgusting backyard of dirt and ever-growing weeds!  The way the weeds grow really makes me wonder why the grass couldn’t do the same thing….but I guess that’s just the way it is.  Those weeds are hearty!  For a couple of details that I feel you need to know to understand the depth of this story better are:


* I am not a strong person.

*  I am just 5 feet tall when I stretch.

* I am not a landscaper.

* I had a limited amount of funds for this project.

* I had ONE day left till they would arrive.


Last Thursday, I set out to start and complete this project.  I began by pulling all the weeds out of the ground.  This in itself was quite the job.  But understand, I saw the potential in my mind of this backyard.  I saw that it could look good. With complete focus I continued on throughout the day.  I put bricks down.  I planted flowers.  I put mulch down.   I worked and worked and as I did I was so excited , simply because I saw the yard becoming a place of beauty.  While I was out in the backyard I was “blogging” in my mind.  I wanted to share.  I had to tell everyone.  Sometimes when you look at something that looks downright useless and ugly, with a vision and an action plan it can be turned into a thing of beauty and purpose.  Honestly, if you saw this yard before and then after, it is startling to see the difference.  I began to think of so many concepts while undertaking this project.  I thought of the concept that no matter what the current condition of something, it can be “flipped” into something useful and appealing  I began to think of people and how stuck they sometimes feel in situations that are ugly.  How they begin to think, it’s useless.  They imagine that nothing can be done to salvage them.  I was full of faith and motivation realizing the truth,  with a vision and an action plan nothing exists that can’t be flipped into something favourable.




Today, I encourage you to take those things that you think are useless and ugly and make them into a place of magnificence!  Have a vision and make an action plan and follow through!  The finished project will leave you feeling so accomplished.  As I sat in my flipped backyard on Thursday evening viewing the finished project, I can not express the joy I had.  I had turned this pathetic place into a haven of peace that my family, friends and I can now enjoy.

Have an incredible day!


Monday’s Motivational Moment

Happy Monday!  I know…it’s MONDAY! Weekends are so wonderful. They are full of fun, family and relaxation. Then along rolls Monday…the dreaded day to start another week.  (and it’s worse when it’s raining, like it is here today.)  You remember the song, Rainy Days and Mondays, always get me down?  That is exactly  why I have decided to try something new, beginning today.  Each Monday I will post “Monday’s Motivational Moment.”  This will give us something to start our week off on a positive note.


To begin with, the definition of Motivation is as follows:



1.the act or an instance of motivating, or providing with a reason to act in a certain way: I don’t understand what her motivation was for quitting her job. Synonyms: motive, inspiration, inducement, cause, impetus.
2.the state or condition of being motivated: We know that these students have strong motivation to learn.
3.something that motivates; inducement; incentive: Clearly, the company’s long-term motivation is profit.
So my new challenge to myself is, to motivate all my friends and followers each Monday! Trust me, I am as human as the rest of you and when I woke up this morning to rain and dullness and realizing  it was a Monday morning, everything inside me wanted to pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep.  But as I was laying there I thought of my family, friends, and followers and immediately filled with an excitement to connect….to say something that may somehow help us all reach higher ground today.  So I felt compelled to get up and get going.  I could hardly fix my coffee fast enough because I wanted to be with all of you.  Maybe that sounds silly but it isn’t.  We are all part of the circle of people that we influence.  I want to make a difference.  I want to share the insights and tips that have helped me grow.  I want to develop more each day and see others around me grow as well.  I guess being motivated involves being passionate about something!  So today, my question to you is, “what are you passionate about?”  What makes every nerve ending in your body tingle when you think about it?  What causes you to truly feel ALIVE?  These are the things that will motivate you and inspire you.  When you are passionate about something, you want to give your all.  I encourage you to start your week thinking about your passions and where you can make a difference in this world that we share. Remember it doesn’t have to be some “big thing” either.  Often times, we may be the one to motivate, inspire, or just bring a smile to one other person.  In the grocery store, learn to smile at the cashier, rather than complain.  Hold the door open for someone who has packages in their hands.  Practice random acts of kindness.  By doing these small things, your heart begins to become passionate about caring for others in this world.  If we would begin on a small-scale to practice this, our world would begin to feel the effects of love and acceptance rather than the violence and hate that is so prevalent .
Hope you feel a bit of motivation on this Monday!
Have an amazing day,