Stop Thinking so much and JUST DO IT


Good Morning,

Happy Monday…yes, it’s Monday, yet again.  Like so many others, I really didn’t want Monday, but perhaps another Sunday? Another day to relax and recharge, to slow down and contemplate, to rest and reassure myself that I am on the right path.  Have you ever felt like that?  Ever feel like you just need a little more time to stop the madness of day to day activity, to relish the calm, slower pace and regroup?  Yet, the calendar flips over and there stands Monday staring you in the face.  I sincerely struggled with Monday,today.  As I rolled into this day, full of deadlines and commitments, I began to realize how powerful Mondays are though.  Without even realizing it, we have the potential to begin a fresh week and orchestrate it the direction we want it to go.  Instead of moaning and complaining, dragging myself by my ears, I could actually turn this whole train of thought around.  I chose to make this week meaningful, chock-full of joyfully tending to each thing on my “to do” list.  I chose to stop “thinking” so much and actually DO the things I desire to do. Seriously, this is liberating.  When I allow myself to wallow in the feelings of “overwhelmedness ” or become “duty” minded, it really takes the joy and the freedom from me.  Whereas, when I begin to tweak my thoughts and make them align to my purpose and desire, immediately there is a shift deep inside of me!  Instead of dreading the day, I begin to work tirelessly on my tasks at hand.  Creativity is freed and my mind opens to the immense possibilities of what I can accomplish in this day, this week.

I have a very active mind.  I have gazillions of ideas and thoughts swimming through my head on a daily basis.  Sometimes, it becomes overwhelming because I just have so much I want to do.  Time and resources may limit my actions. Yet I find that if I sort through the list of ideas and begin to focus on a direction, I am able to set a plan of action and fulfill the desired outcome.  The problem lies in the focus and direction.  Often times, it is helpful to list out all the ideas and tasks you wish to accomplish, and begin to group them into action plans.  Time management can be your best friend.  If you just “think and think” and never apply an action plan, you end up in a state of becoming overwrought.  Make your lists, set your action plan and focus until you complete the task.  There is so much to gain by doing this.  You begin to have a list of some of your most creative ideas and you also begin to actually complete them, giving you a sense of accomplishment rather than defeat.  You will be able to stroke things off your list as you finish the task, filling you with a greater sense of pride on how much you have produced.

I don’t know why we sometimes “fight” the systems that are effective. I guess it’s human nature to sometimes drag your feet in the process. Today, although the weather is getting cold here in Ontario, strengthen yourself and make an action plan. Begin to work toward finishing a task and move forward creating the lifestyle you deserve to have.  I encourage you, today, to turn your day around. Grant yourself permission to rise above the negativity that floats through your mind.  Become intentional with your time and your life. This life is your expression; don’t waste anymore precious time floundering around.Stop thinking so much and just DO IT!