Monday, Monday….


To be honest, ever since I was 7 years old, I pictured myself as a “world changer!” Not sure why…just that is how I was wired I guess!  I wanted to be a writer, traveler, speaker or anything that would help other people.  In my small little mind, I only saw potential.  I didn’t think of the million of reasons why I couldn’t.  I had a child-like faith that I just knew I would make it happen.  I felt as though this was my mission in life.  I remember when I was 15 I saw an advertisement for a  trip overseas to help in a developing Nation .  As I looked at that article, I could picture myself right there.  Then I saw how much it cost to participate.  I was 15, didn’t even have a job yet, and needed a lot of money to go on this trip.  Even then I wasn’t deterred.  I went to my mother and told her, “Mom, I am going on this trip to help  this community that needs help!”  First of all, my mom was in shock!  Secondly, she did what every mother would do and told me it was impossible!  “Get it out of your mind, Charlene” she said.  She listed all the reasons why I couldn’t go including cost, distance, and even my age.  Seriously, I don’t know where my resolve  came from but I just looked at her and said calmly, ” I am supposed to go, so it will work out!”  I am not certain how this news even “leaked out” but several days later I was approached by a man in my church who inquired about this trip I felt I was to go on.  I was full of purpose and enthusiasm as I related to him all the details.  He asked me to attend a meeting with a few other people slated for a couple of nights away.  The night  of the meeting I stood before 5-6 men and women and poured out all the details of this trip and how I felt I needed to go there.  By the end of that meeting, I had my plane ticket in hand and all arrangements had already been taken care of by these amazing people!  I don’t even remember going home that night, my mind was overjoyed!  What an opportunity this was.  This first visit to an overseas country only stimulated my desire for traveling, writing ,speaking and helping others at home and abroad.  In fact all of those dreams came true for me through this first trip, to a small degree.  I was chosen out of a team of 25 others upon return to stand in front of a crowd of thousands of people and relate my experiences.  Needless to say, this trip was a life-changing event for ME.  Here I went to help others and yet I believe I took home far more than I gave! ( Thankfully, I have been able to go on other trips.  )

I relate this story as a source of encouragement .  No matter how small you feel or how seemingly impossible something appears, you can make it happen!  Happy Monday!



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