Joy in the Laundry Room

I was “ironing”my laundry and had an eye-opening experience.  Now that’s amazing!

It was one of the hottest days of the summer, so I shut myself into the living room in front of the air conditioner, and proceeded to do “laundry.”  At least, I’d be “cool” in there. (I must have already gotten too much sun, eh?)

So I had my ipod on with ear buds in  so I could really get “into the music.”  So there I was singing my heart out….ever hear someone with headphones on singing??  Usually pretty bad, well I was no exception.  My daughter peeked into the living room to see what that awful sound was.. just Mom doing the laundry.  She burst out laughing…to this day she imitates the awful sounds she heard.  But that day my heart was engulfed in a message that I needed to hear. The words to the song I was listening to seemed to speak to me on such a personal level.  The theme was about total acceptance and being authentic.  Somewhere in my heart, I knew there had to be a “clause” that would show that this didn’t pertain to me but all the other “good people.”  After all, this was a time in my life where I was still struggling with taking off the masks  I would wear and becoming real.  So often, we all feel as though we are not “good enough.”  Perhaps if I was thinner, had a better income, ate at the right restaurants, had the best children, cooked the best recipes, and the list goes on…THEN I would be good enough.  I was in that place where  I had bought into all the lies that society feeds us.  I couldn’t be content in being who I was because obviously I needed to be more.  My vision was changed on that special laundry day.  I received a clear picture  that  afternoon. I realized that I am enough.  I am perfect being exactly WHO I AM!  I don’t need to pretend, or to beat myself up in private,  or  attain to someone elses abilities or setting in life.  I simply needed to begin to shine where I was.  I ironed so much laundry that day  because I didn’t want to leave that place….

Each of us possess  unique gifts in this life.  It is in the diversity that real satisfaction abounds.  If all of us were exactly alike how dreadful (and boring) this life would be.  Yet we hide our talents and personalities from others, because we feel inadequate.    In today’s society, when so much value is placed on performances and possessions, we have lost sight of relationships.  We work hard to achieve and to look good to our colleagues and relatives. The pressure is on.  However, it’s really draining on a relationship if you are constantly concerned whether or not you’re  accepted.  We play our little mind games.  We live for others approval.  Our moods are affected by if we’ve said, done or purchased the correct things. Because of our “mindsets” being conditioned by these philosophies, we take this approach about who we are. We work hard.  We try to be “perfect.” After all, if we are “good” enough or if we “do” enough others will  be impressed with us.  We will be accepted.

Today I  suggest that we should stop  living this way.  If you struggle with issues of acceptance or inferiority, find a quiet place and draw from deep within yourself.  Connect with  who you really are.  You are amazing just the way you are.  Share yourself, your true self with the world.  We need to see more authenticity in this world …dare to be different…dare to be you !

Happy Monday!




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