See the Potential

Good morning everyone….another Monday.  At least this week it isn’t raining where I am.  But it’s still Monday and time for our Monday Motivational!

Have you ever watched the program “Flip This House?” I have watched that show while  thinking to myself, what do they see in that house?  That is the beauty of the show though.  The person who buys the house SEES the potential.  They are able to look beyond the current condition of the house and see real beauty that exists within it.  Once they have a vision of what they see the house as becoming, they begin the arduous task of flipping it.  Despite obstacles or anything that comes against them during the renovation, they are able to see in their mind the finished project.  They work tirelessly until they reach their goal.

My story begins with the fact that I have this tiny backyard.  When we bought the house a couple of years ago there was  rolled out sods of grass  in the backyard.  In attempt to sell the property the previous owner laid the sod making it look presentable.  The problem is the sod never took. So last year we pulled up the  dried dead sod because we wanted to redo the backyard.  Unfortunately for one reason or another that project never got done last summer.  So this year I had a backyard  full of dirt and weeds.  Quite disgusting really.  In my mind though I could see a cute space that would be relaxing and enjoyable.

I had a “deadline” in mind because I knew my sister and her husband were coming to visit us this summer and this yard had to look good!  There was no way I was having them visit and see my disgusting backyard of dirt and ever-growing weeds!  The way the weeds grow really makes me wonder why the grass couldn’t do the same thing….but I guess that’s just the way it is.  Those weeds are hearty!  For a couple of details that I feel you need to know to understand the depth of this story better are:


* I am not a strong person.

*  I am just 5 feet tall when I stretch.

* I am not a landscaper.

* I had a limited amount of funds for this project.

* I had ONE day left till they would arrive.


Last Thursday, I set out to start and complete this project.  I began by pulling all the weeds out of the ground.  This in itself was quite the job.  But understand, I saw the potential in my mind of this backyard.  I saw that it could look good. With complete focus I continued on throughout the day.  I put bricks down.  I planted flowers.  I put mulch down.   I worked and worked and as I did I was so excited , simply because I saw the yard becoming a place of beauty.  While I was out in the backyard I was “blogging” in my mind.  I wanted to share.  I had to tell everyone.  Sometimes when you look at something that looks downright useless and ugly, with a vision and an action plan it can be turned into a thing of beauty and purpose.  Honestly, if you saw this yard before and then after, it is startling to see the difference.  I began to think of so many concepts while undertaking this project.  I thought of the concept that no matter what the current condition of something, it can be “flipped” into something useful and appealing  I began to think of people and how stuck they sometimes feel in situations that are ugly.  How they begin to think, it’s useless.  They imagine that nothing can be done to salvage them.  I was full of faith and motivation realizing the truth,  with a vision and an action plan nothing exists that can’t be flipped into something favourable.




Today, I encourage you to take those things that you think are useless and ugly and make them into a place of magnificence!  Have a vision and make an action plan and follow through!  The finished project will leave you feeling so accomplished.  As I sat in my flipped backyard on Thursday evening viewing the finished project, I can not express the joy I had.  I had turned this pathetic place into a haven of peace that my family, friends and I can now enjoy.

Have an incredible day!



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