The Ugly Monster- Self Sabotage


Do you find yourself setting goals, only to make little progress in completing them?  Do you have a pile of unfinished goals/projects that stare at you, making you feel even more unsuccessful? Do you experience great joy beginning a goal, to soon find yourself off track?
If this is you…more than likely you are sabotaging your own self.  You may be focusing on unhealthy behaviors or perhaps you are listening to negative self-limiting voices in your mind.
But WHY would I sabotage my own progress, you may ask yourself.  Often times we have feelings of inner shame, anger or unworthiness.  The lies that we have listened to all of our lives have become incorporated into our minds causing us to sabotage ourselves. While we are busy living our lives, we unconsciously make choices that sabotage our deepest desires.
In order to make this stop you need to dig deep into your heart to find out where these self-limiting beliefs stem from.  Identify the source and begin to replace these thoughts with truth.  For example if you feel like a terrible mother, take out a notebook and list reasons that reflect the truth, that you are a great mother. If you struggle with finding positive things to write…look even for the tiniest bits of truth to enable you to begin to alter your negative thinking.  Between parents, siblings, friends, spouses, employers, and media we all have been feed negative concepts that we simply”aren’t good enough.” Refute each thought that is negative with truthful, loving and positive words.  Sprinkle love to yourself.
This isn’t a one day exercise!  It will take time for  you to heal from the negative impact others  have made in our feelings of worth. I can guarantee you, however, if  you begin to shift the negative thoughts  into  positive thoughts, you will be released and you will begin to experience freedom and empowerment unlike anything you have ever experienced prior to now!  You are WORTH it!

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One thought on “The Ugly Monster- Self Sabotage

  1. Steve Lakey says:

    Taking positive action always helps. It’s the little things done consistently that make a big difference. Thanks for this great reminder.

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