I remember the first time I took an airplane and the flight attendant began to explain all the emergency directives.  It struck me odd when she stated that the oxygen mask would fall from the compartment above  and I was to put it on myself first...even if I were traveling with little children.  I thought to myself that I would immediately jump out of my seat and begin to attach the masks to everyone around me.  After all that’s just the way I roll, always helping others before myself!  It took a few minutes for me to wrap my head around what was actually being said.  IF I didn’t put my oxygen mask on first, then I actually would not be able to help others because I wouldn’t be able to breathe!
Seriously, this concept really took root in my “self- goes-last” brain.  The entire flight I contemplated this thought.
How often do we, especially as women, go through life helping everyone else and leaving little or no room for self-care?  I have learned since this experience how VITAL it is for me to take care of myself, in order to be of value to those I love.  It certainly takes a mind shift at first, but as the truth of this concepts takes seed in your mind, you will be able to begin to put yourself and your needs first.  I am not suggesting a selfish attitude, but simply that you learn to step back and give yourself blocks of time to do things that bring health and vitality into your own life.  It can be as easy as spending an hour reading,  doing a craft, taking a hot bath, gardening, or going for a walk.  Whatever activity brings you joy….do it!

Sometimes this will mean that you have to say NO to someone in your life who constantly seems to rob you of your own space.  Learning how to say no to others empowers you.  Don’t feel guilty, instead feel happy that you have seen the importance of taking care of YOU.
As you incorporate this habit into your life, those around you will see its importance and the strength that it gives you.

Remember, attach your oxygen mask first…and then assist those around you !
Enjoy your day!


3 thoughts on “Me….First

  1. Cathy says:

    Thanks for sharing this article. Something to think about. Most times I have trouble saying NO.

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